Difficult Boss

I had a co-worker or rather I should say he was like a boss. We were a team of 15 members lead by a Team Lead and a Manager. The manager was an intimidating guy but the 2nd in command (Team Lead) was actually a very timid sort of person. He acheived something which he never thought he was capable of (in his own words). Maybe that was the reason or something else, he tried everything to become something which he was not. He tried to be persuasive, strict and everything to project himself as a leader. Needless to say, it never worked, instead his standing in the team declining to level even lower even before he became the Team Lead. He made enemies of his friends. Even one of his oldest friends turned against him. The irony in the situation is that he didn't get along with the Manager (the intimidating sort of guy who was moderately respected). There came a point when he was equally disliked by both the Manager and his team mates. Some of my co-workers took the opportunity and

Love Hate Relationship

Leo Tolstoy Was one of the renowned writers of the 20th Century. Novels written by him have made impacts so deep in the reader's hearts across the world that many think of him as a divine entity. But what is lesser known about this great author is that his own home crumbled at the end, which might even have ended his life through disappointment. The branches of the tree that learn to bow down due to the enormous burden of snow, they can survive the winter. Those who don't learn to bow break down due to the weight and wither away. That I think what exactly happened to the marriage of Tolstoy and keeps on happening with countless couples worldwide. Mostly we can handle big problems, but actually, it's the little termites which creep on us make us act in a violent and weird way. Ever notice why we overreact in some situation. Mostly because we have not cleared the trifles out of our mind and they have gathered to become amount giving the impression of one giant pain. These

The Pursuit of Happiness

The less is more. We all live in an era where everyone is so engrossed to figure out how to be happy when most of us have already achieved what we wished for when we were kids. Yes, let's take a flashback. When you were a child, what were your dreams? what made you happy? Was it to look like a successful person in front of everyone like at your workplace or etc., win every argument with your friends and rivals, get membership of every exclusive club in your town? I don't think so. Though some of these desires might have surfaced at some point in our lives these notions were not the one which made us happy and dreamy.  Most of you including me wished for a house, not a mansion or a castle, we adored someone from our previous generation either from family or neighbourhood not tech entrepreneurs like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. Do you remember an uncle you had who stood out in your family and you thought man I wanted to be like him when I grow up? A guy or a woman from your